Open Data in Greenville SC


Finding public data takes time. Keeping it up to date takes a ton of time. We're making it easier for people to find and use trusted data about Greenville, SC, so they can build bigger things without worrying about the smaller things. 


We'll do this by community curation (Wikipedia style) of the discover and maintenance of data sets. This will include an API, when needed, to allow programmers to build things atop the API for many new use cases


This site is built for the local community by HackGreenville Labs (formerly Code For Greenville) and people like you. Connect with the volunteers in the #hg-labs channel of the HackGreenville Slack.

This site is intended as a resource for web developers to build new and interesting applications on top of the underlying data APIs.

Much of the content is publicly available here in a utilitarian form, but we encourage others to leverage the real-time data and create a better mousetrap.

What's Working and In The Works?